4 things are illegal on the Internet, That could land you in jail.

We all do something on the internet daily, Just like browsing, searching something about, Watching videos, live streaming, chatting with someone, communicating, downloading files, etc. Do you think ever? Some of these activities could be illegal and can get you arrested? Here we are going to discuss “4 THINGS ARE ILLEGAL ON THE INTERNET”.

Nowadays some things are illegal to do on the internet and could land you in jail. So that’s why you need to know what is illegal from which you need to stay away and stop that right now.

4 Things are illegal on the Internet :

1) Offensive language

It can be one of the reasons that you could get caught and land in jail. If you use any type of offensive language on the internet for somebody. Then it will be illegal and that person can file a case against you. So you need to be alert every time not to use any type of Offensive language against anyone.

We all have seen so many times on social media, that people fight with each other over silly things. They use offensive language and abusive language. But you shouldn’t get involved in any type of this activity. If you want to be safe and don’t want any case against you.

2) Open Wi-fi/hotspot

Many of us have Wi-fi/hotspot and we all use it daily.

But don’t we know? Is it secured or not?

Now we need to check it right away. Some people have open Wi-fi/hotspots and they don’t put any password to secure their wi-fi.

But do you know?

It can be very dangerous for you. Because If anybody connects your Wi-fi and do any illegal activity on the Internet. And that activity can be traced by the IP address and if that person is using your Wi-fi. So your IP address would be traced and you will get caught by the Cops/Police.

So that’s why secure your Wi-fi immediately and put any password in it.

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3) Online Gambling

On the internet, there are so many websites and apps are available which provide online gambling. So many people do play online gambling just cause of greediness. Greedy people get attracted so fast towards this type of offer of online gambling.

But you need to know, online gambling is illegal in our country and you can get caught by the police at any time. So stay alert and do not involve in this type of activity ever.

4) Cyber Bullying

When everyone has a phone and it contains a camera and almost every phone has a camera. Some people use it to capture memories but some use it in the wrong way or misuse it. By clicking unwanted pictures and videos.

In fact, some people steal pictures from social media and edit them in the wrong way. And they upload those pictures and videos on social media or the internet. After this, the bully that person whose pictures or videos they clicked.

It comes under the cyberbullying case and police in our country are very active in such cases. So please inform the police immediately if anyone got bullied. They can be your friends, family members, neighbor, or acquaintances.


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