Economically Weaker Section (EWS) | Delhi EWS Admission 2021

EWS Economically weaker section

EWS is a scheme of the Government of India for the Indian people. People can get many benefits through this scheme. The full form of EWS is an Economically weaker section. Do you know what is EWS? What is (EWS) Economically weaker section? The EWS is a category which falls under General category, but it … Read more

4 things are illegal on the Internet, That could land you in jail.

4 things are illegal on the internet

We all do something on the internet daily, Just like browsing, searching something about, Watching videos, live streaming, chatting with someone, communicating, downloading files, etc. Do you think ever? Some of these activities could be illegal and can get you arrested? Here we are going to discuss “4 THINGS ARE ILLEGAL ON THE INTERNET”. Nowadays … Read more

Reality of Bad education system in India

Bad education system

In INDIA, the Education sector is becoming a major concern for us day by day just because of its bad system. Education is the only treasure we have, to develop our country economically and socially. But it can not be possible if the same system and pattern will remain the same. There are so many … Read more