How to Become a Software Developer after 12th in India |

As technology is growing rapidly. The interest of Indian students is also increasing in It. Many students want to become Software developers in India. If you also have a dream to become a software developer. You’re at the exact place.

Here in this post, we will you the complete process. How can you become a successful software developer after 12th in India?

As we all know, Everything is going digital and almost every work is being done online. People’s interest is increasing day by day in the world of computers and the Internet.

When we use a mobile phone, computer, laptop, and tab, etc. Whatever we do on these devices every activity is get done through only software. Without software, we can’t use any of these devices.

How to become a Software developer?

To become a software developer you have to complete many courses and degree courses. After completing all require courses, you become a complete software engineer.

We have divided the journey of a software developer into some steps. You can follow these steps to become a pro software engineer.

Step 1. Bachelor degree in Computer

First, you should have a bachelor’s degree in computers. There are a lot of courses in computers but we will tell you about the main courses.

You can do

  • in Computer Science
  • BCA – Bachelor of Computer Applications
  • in Information technology.

After having one of these degree courses, You can start your journey of becoming a Software engineer.

Step 2. Programming Languages

You should have complete knowledge of programming languages. Programming languages are the main thing to make any software.

Without programming language, you can’t able to create software.

So, You can learn many programming languages. These are Important languages :

  • C language
  • C++
  • Java
  • Java script
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Ruby

When you complete Bachelor’s degree in computers and learned important programming languages. You almost become a Software engineer.

Step 3. Make strong your programming Logic

If you want to become a professional software developer. You must have to improve your programming logic. Whenever software engineers make any application or website they have to use their unique logic.

Users always look for the easy UI – User Interface of Apps or websites. If UI will be difficult to understand, people will stop using your apps, software, or websites.

So that’s why you have to improve your logic and be creative.

You can pursue a course of logic. When you are in computer science engineering, there is a course for logic. Which is the “Logic building course”. You can also pursue this course and enhance your knowledge.

After this, You can try to make a good app, software, or website.

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Step 4. Try to make a Software

When you get a knowledge of programming languages. You should start making some unique and good software, apps, or websites. If you do this then your coding skills will also improve.

You will get to know what things you need to make the software an what is the process and what you need to do etc.

Step 5. Apply for the Internship

If you have a bachelor’s degree in CS – Computer Science. You know the main programming languages and know how to make software.

Now you can apply for a fresher Internship in any company. It will be very beneficial for you. If you work in a company then you will get to know many new things. You will get experience which is very important to get a good job.

Like how to work in a company as a professional software developer, and how to make professional software. Your Coding skills will be improved also.

After finishing your internship, You can get a job on the payroll in the same company or any other company and will get paid a good salary.

Step 6. Master Degree

If want to get a high salary as a professional software developer. Then you have to complete your master’s degree.

After completing your master’s degree you can apply to any company and will get a hike.

These important master degree you can start :

  • MCS – Master of Computer Science
  • MCA – Master of Computer Applications
  • – Master of technology

After completing all these above steps you become a complete professional software. Now you’re eligible to work in any company and will get paid a high salary.

let’s talk about Fees.

Fees of Bachelor degree ( in CS/IT)

Average fees of in CS/IT: INR 60,000 per year.

Duration of in CS/IT : 4 years

Let’s talk about the salary. If you go to any company for the job post of Professional software engineer. How much salary you will get in any company.

Salary of a Professional Software developer

Starting salary as a professional software engineer you can get a minimum of INR 30,000 to INR 40,000 per month.

Many software engineers in India earn INR 1 Lakh to 2 Lakhs per month. You can also earn like this but first, you have to get experience.

As much as the experience you have the high you will get paid.

So this is the complete process of “How you can become a Software developer in India”. By following all these steps you will become a professional software engineer.

Technology is growing very fast and a career in software development can be a great choice. The demand for software developers is also increasing in the market day by day. You can earn a very good amount after becoming a software developer.

If this is your dream and you wanted to become a software developer from your childhood then definitely you should go for it.

Always we should listen to our dreams. We should always follow in what we have interest and we want to do.

Never spoil your career by coming under the force/pressure of parents/friends/relatives.

Do work hard and achieve your dreams. All the best for your future.

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