How to become an Ethical Hacker after 12th

Many students in India want to become Ethical hackers. Its name also attracts people and creates curiosity. When you listened to the name of “Hacker” in movies and serials, then a question would have come to your mind. That is “How to become an Ethical Hacker and What is Ethical Hacking?”

Do you know? You can make a lot of money in Hacking and get an amazing experience along with it. Hacking is very useful for the long term to those, who have an interest in Computer science and technology. Some people think that Hacking is a bad thing and it is illegal. But they are not totally right, Because Ethical Hacking is a legal process and it is used to protect against cyber-crimes, Data loss, Financial fraud, and Online fraud with private or government organizations in the Internet world.

If you want to become an Ethical Hacker, you have to learn different types of programming languages and complete many courses. So many students want to become Ethical hackers and they do very hard work to achieve this goal.

Who is Ethical Hacker?

Ethical Hackers do work legally for any government or private organizations in the form of security. Ethical hackers come under “Hackers”, but they are White hat hackers. Basically, White hat hackers are known as good guys, and Black hat hackers are known as bad guys.

White hat hackers always do work legally and protect from Online frauds or crimes. Black hat hackers do work illegally and they do online fraud, crimes, and loot the people just for money.

Ethical hackers do work for security and they always try to make security strong. They know all loopholes and bugs in the world of the Internet. They have to take the officer’s permission before hacking and they have to follow the rules.

What is the work of an Ethical Hacker?

Whenever a problem occurs in the online world like with websites, software, and Data. They have to find out, solve, and report the problem. They monitor the activity of all networks and identify the problem if appearing.

Ethical Hackers have to scan the system and all networks timely to check the illegal activity in it. They have to keep the networks error-free always.

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Types of Hackers

There are 3 types of Hackers:

1. White Hat Hackers

White hat hackers are known as good guys or good hackers. They always work to protect from illegal activities and help the police to catch the bad hackers. White Hat Hackers are also called Ethical hackers.

2. Grey Hat Hackers

Grey Hat Hackers are neither good nor bad. They have knowledge and quality of both White and black hat hackers. Grey hat hackers are known as mischievous and Notorious hackers in the world of Internet hacking.

3. Blak Hat Hackers

As we know White hat hackers as heroes, the same Black hat hackers are known as villains in the hacking world. They don’t work for any organization, they work independently. They do illegal activities and looting the people, just to make huge money.

How to become an Ethical Hacker after 12th?

If you want to become an Ethical hacker, you have to fulfill the all requirements. Let’s talk about the Education Qualification.

Education Qualification for Ethical Hacker:

The candidate must have these below degrees to become an Ethical Hacker.

  • Bachelor Degree in IT (Information technology)
  • Advance diploma in Network Security

For Job posting:

  • Computer Engineering
  • CS (Computer Science) Engineering

The candidate must have a knowledge of programming languages like CSS, Java, JavaScript, Python, etc.

When you apply for a job in any company, then some companies ask you for an Ethical hacker certificate. To get the certificate, you can visit the website and register for the exam. After passing the exam, you will the certificate.

You must have a knowledge of these software tools as an Ethical Hacker

  • WireShark
  • Metasploit
  • Nessus
  • Social Engineer toolkit
  • Maltego

Best Institutes to learn Ethical Hacking

  1. Indian School of Ethical Hacking
  2. Indian Institute of Information Security
  3. National Institute of Electronics & IT
  4. Tilak Maharashtra University

Duration of Ethical Hacker Courses

There are Degree, Diploma, and Certificate courses to become an Ethical Hacker in India. The duration of these courses are:

Ethical Hacking CoursesDuration
Degree Course2 to 4 years
Diploma Course3 months to 2 years
Certificate Course2 months to 1 year

Ethical Hacking Course Fee

There are different fee structures in different institutes. Course fees can vary between INR 50,000 to INR 2 lakhs per year.

Salary of an Ethical Hacker

When you go for a job in any company and get hired as a fresher. Your salary range can vary from INR 20,000 to INR 40,000 per month. So, In this field, you can get a good job with a high salary package.

This is the whole process to become an Ethical Hacker. If you want to become an Ethical Hacker and it is your dream then you can follow this process and achieve your goal.

There are a lot of opportunities for hackers in the market. As we know everything is going digital, So the demand for hackers is also increasing. You can get a government job in any government Cyber Security department and you will have to work for the government as an Ethical Hacker.


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