How to join Indian Air force after 12th

Hey, Are you interested in the (IAF) Indian Air force and want to make a career in it? If yes, I will tell you the complete process of “How can you join the Indian Air force after 12th”. Anybody can make a career in the Indian Air force. You just need to meet all the eligibility criteria and have to pass some exams and interviews.

Many students in India dream of joining the (IAF) Indian Air force after the 12th. They want to do something and contribute to the country. If you are so patriotic or have a childhood dream to become an Indian Air force officer after the 12th. Then you are exactly at the right place. You don’t need to worry now! Because here you will get to know the complete process of “Joining Indian Air force after 12th”.

Lets get to know about Indian Air force!!

The Indian Air force

The (IAF) Indian Air force is the Air Arm of the Indian Armed forces. It is one of the top 4th or fourth Armed forces in the world. IAF just secure the Indian Airspace and keep our India safe from enemies and terrorist. It was established on 8th October 1932 in the British empire. Before Its name was “Royal Indian Air force” but when India got Independence from British rule. The name was changed to “Indian Air force” from “Royal Indian Air force”.

When a person joins the Indian Air force, he/she become responsible for our country’s safety. It is a very respectful job. People feel very proud to get a job in the Indian Air force.

How to join the (IAF) Indian Air force after 12th

If you want to join IAF – Indian Air force, you should know that there is two branches in it.

  1. Flying Branch
  2. Ground Duty Branch

Flying Branch of Indian Air force

In flying branch of Indian Air force, These officers come under and work in this branch.

  • Male Pilots
  • Female Pilots
  • Helicopter Pilots
  • Transport Pilots

Physical requirements for flying branch

Height for Male and Female : 162.5 cm

Ground Duty Branch of Indian Air force

Ground duty branch has two parts.

  1. Group X (Technical)
  2. Group Y (Non-Technical)

Lets get to know how to join Group X and Group Y in the Indian Air force.

Group X (Technical) in Ground duty branch

To join Group X, the Candidate needs to pass class 12th with a minimum of 50% marks. In class 12th, the subjects should be (PCM) Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Age limit for Group X (Technical)

  • 18 to 21 years (for class 12th students)
  • 20 to 25 years (for B.ED students)
  • 20 to 28 years (for Post Graduate students)

When you fulfill all these eligibility criteria then you become eligible to join Group X in the Indian Air force.

These are the officers who work in Group X (Technical).

  • Airframe Fitter
  • Propulsion Fitter
  • Weapon Fitter
  • Electrical Fitter
  • Electronic Fitter
  • Mechanical Fitter
  • Automobile Fitter
  • Workshop Fitter

Group Y (Non-technical) in Ground duty branch

To join Group Y, the candidate has to pass class 12th with a minimum of 50% marks. The candidate can pursue class 12th in any stream.

Age limit for Group Y (Non-technical)

  • 17 to 21 years (for class 12th students)
  • 17 to 25 years (for some other posts)

There are different age limit criteria for different posts in Group Y.

These are the officers who work in Group Y (Non-technical).

  • Account Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Logistic Assistant
  • Operation Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • IAF Police & Security
  • Ground Training Instructor
  • Environmental Support Service Assistant
  • Metrological Assistant
  • Musician
  • Cryptographer

Physical Requirements for Ground duty branch

Height for Male : 157.5 cm, Chest for male : 81 to 86 cm

Height for Female : 152 cm

Weight should be according to height for both men and women.

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Physical Activity or Exercise for IAF

  • Push-ups and sit-ups: 20
  • Chin-ups: 8
  • Rope climbing: 3 to 4 meter
  • Swimming: 25 meter
  • Running: 4 km in 15 minutes
  • Rope Skipping also.

Exams for Ground Duty Branch

IAF – Indian Air force conduct the exams for Airmen Group X and Y.

Exam subjects for Airmen Group X

Total Marks70

Exam Duration : 60 minutes.

Exam subjects for Airmen Group Y

Reasoning (General Awareness)30
Total Marks50

Exam Duration : 45 minutes

Negative Marking : 0.25

Join Indian Air force through NDA Exam

You can join the (IAF) Indian Air force by clearing NDA Exam. First, you need to apply for the NDA exam and clear this exam.

NDA Exam Pattern

General Ability Test (Section-1: English)200
General Ability Test (Section-1: General Knowledge)400
Total Marks900
SSB Interview900
Grand Total1800

When you clear the NDA Exam, you move to the next process. After NDA Exam, Candidates have to pass the (SSB) Services Selection Board Interview. Candidates who qualify for the SSB interview, have to pass these tests.

  • Medical Test
  • Physical Test
  • Aptitude Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Personal Interview

If a candidate has any disease and couldn’t clear the medical tests. He/she will not be eligible to join IAF. When candidates clear all the stages Written Exam, SSB Interview, Medical, and Physical Tests. Then qualified candidates go for the 3 years of coaching at the NDA – National Defence Academy. After NDA coaching, Qualified candidates go to the Air force Academy, Hyderabad for further training.

Join IAF – Indian Air force After Graduation

If you want to join the Indian Air force after graduation, you need to clear the (CDS) Combined Defence Service Exam.

Salary of Airmen Group X and Y in IAF

Candidates get a stipend of INR 14,600 per month during the training. When you become an officer and join the Indian Air force, you get the salary per month. In the below table, you can check the salary for different posts.

PostGroup XGroup Y
AircraftmenRs. 33,100Rs. 30,500
Leading AircraftmenRs. 33,100Rs. 30,500
CorporalRs. 36,900Rs. 34,300
SergeantRs. 40,600Rs. 38,000
Junior Warrant OfficerRs. 46,800Rs. 44,200
Warrant OfficerRs. 56,300Rs. 53,700
Master Warrant OfficerRs. 59,000Rs. 56,600

These are the salaries for different posts of Airmen Group X and Y in the Indian Air force. You can join the Indian Air force if it’s your dream to join and make your career in it.

Guys, This is the process of joining IAF – Indian Air force. You can join the Indian Air force after 12th and Graduation. Many students want to join IAF and they do work hard for many years to get into it. You can also make your career in IAF and make your dream come true.

Just keep in mind, “Everything is possible, nothing is impossible”. You can do anything if you decide to do it. Make your daily schedule and routine and start your journey of IAF.

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