How to prepare for IAS with job

IAS is a dream for many students in India. So many students appear in this exam to achieve their goal but only some students get passed in this exam. Every year lakhs of students give this UPSC CSE (Civil Service Exam) but everyone can not get passed in this exam. If you want to prepare for IAS with the job then don’t worry you can.

Students study a maximum of 18 hours a day to crack this exam and do tough work. But not everyone can crack this difficult exam. It is the most difficult exam in India.

Some of you are doing jobs and want to prepare for IAS with the job. But they don’t know, how to make good time management for their study and job.

They aren’t able to understand how to manage to study for IAS with a job. You don’t need to worry now, we will tell you some tips and with the help of that, you will be able to manage your job and study.

You have to free your 3 to 4 hours a day to prepare for IAS with your job.

Tips for How to Prepare for IAS with Job

1. Time Management

For those who are doing the job, time is very important. Well, time is important for everyone but those who want to prepare for IAS with their daily job, have to manage their time very carefully.

For some time till you clear your UPSC CSE Exam, you have to forget all parties, friends, and relatives. Do study well in time you get after doing your daily job. You have to follow it daily.

If you do like one day you study after your job and another day you skip. Then you can’t prepare for IAS. You have to give your full time in study that you get apart from your job.

You need to make a schedule for you that from this time to that time you will do your job and in the remaining time, you will do study.

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2. Study Time Table

You have to make a study time table that means how much time you will give to a particular subject’s topic and its section. Separate both Big and Short topics that how much time you will take for a big and short topic to finish timely.

First, check the easy topics you think that you can finish in a short time and then after finishing short and easy topics. Go for the big and difficult topics. Most of the students waste their time on big and difficult topics and that’s why they couldn’t able to prepare well for the exam.

3. Smart Work

If you want to prepare for IAS with your job and you want to prepare as fast as you can then you have to do smart work.

First, you will have to analyze the whole syllabus of IAS and check which subject is difficult and time taken. Then make a list of short and easy topics and clear them first.

Separate the big and difficult topics and clear them at the last. If you think that this subject and its topics will take much time, then prepare for them at the last.

Analyze the subjects and syllabus like this and prepare smart and well.

4. Office Near Home

Your house must be near your office where you’re doing the job. Because by doing this, you will save travel time from office to home.

If you have a rented house then try to rent a house or room near your office. Give your all time to study and preparation after your office time.

By doing this, you can prepare for IAS easily with your daily job.

5. Utilize Break Time

We all know If we are doing a job then we have a fixed lunch break time or tea time in the evening. So, you can utilize this break time to prepare for IAS.

You can read on the internet and prepare. You can study General Knowledge and current affairs or enhance your knowledge for daily news.

6. Positive Thinking

When you do something then you must be positive about that. If you become negative about that thing then you can’t able to do it.

You should always have positive thinking for everything whatever you’re doing or going to do. Only then you can achieve your goal and what you want.

Same for IAS, you must be positive for the IAS exam and have to think that “I can clear the exam easily”. We all know our strongest body part is our brain. And Every activity we do that is done by our brain only.

If you keep your thoughts positive then it will become very easy for your to prepare for the UPSC Exam and time management.

Positive thinking is a very important part to achieve every goal and dream. So we must always have positive thoughts in our minds and do hard work for what we want.

So, guys these are the best tips for you if you want to prepare for IAS with your daily job. Always do hard work for your dreams and never give up.


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