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In today’s era, blogging has become a new career opportunity for the youth. Many prominent bloggers earn lakhs of rupees per month just from blogging. In the early stage, you do this as a part-time job. After a few months if you do it better then it can become your primary career.

There are a lot of videos are available on the internet and youtube about blogging. But so many people can’t able to understand how to start blogging and how to earn money from it.

It’s just because they didn’t give proper information about blogging in their videos. Like

  • How to start blogging?
  • How can you start blogging?
  • How can you set up your website easily?
  • How can you do blogging better?
  • How can you earn money from blogging?

But here in this article, we will tell you the complete process of blogging.

What is Blogging?

Before starting blogging first we should know what is blogging, Many people don’t understand what is blogging and how to start this.

Let me tell you the simplest meaning of blogging is just making a website and publishing content on it. You do publish content or particular information on the website. And that information reaches the public and they can read and access it.

So blogging is simple, first, make a website and publish content. You can create your website free of cost if you know how to make it.

If you don’t know, how to make a website then you can pay to website developers and they will make a new fresh website for you.

Well, there are so many videos and tutorials available on youtube, by watching those videos you can learn how to make a website easily.

How to Make a Career in Blogging?

First, let me clarify to you if you want to start blogging just for money. Either you will get success very late or maybe you will not be successful.

Because the main thing in blogging is content. If you focus on the content only then you can get success.

Blogging is just like business, for example in business Loyalty, Quality, and Help. These are most important in business. Same as like in blogging the quality of content should be good and useful for people.

People can understand by reading your blogs and can get solutions to their queries. Basically, you have to create content that is problem-solving for the user.

Then you can get success in blogging fast.

Basically, Blogging is a process that depends on CTM.

  • C – Content
  • T – Traffic
  • M – Monetisation

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What is CTM Process?

C for Content

As we know, There are a lot of users on the internet and they search for solutions, queries, particular information, etc on the internet.

for example a user search on the internet “How to start blogging in India?” and the solution to this query or related information to this question is on your website.

Then that user doesn’t know you personally but the user will visit your website and get his/her solution and get back.

So as per your knowledge you can create content and publish it on your website for the internet users. Related to any topic or anything that you know better about it.

Your content or a blog must be very useful for the public and the quality must be good. Only then the user will visit your website.

T for Traffic

If you publish the best quality content on your website and do more hard work to make the best content for the public. Only then users will visit your website.

And your website traffic will increase day by day. But users must be satisfied after visiting your website and they must get their solutions from your website.

For the first few weeks or months, you have to wait for website traffic. But if you daily publish good quality content then your website traffic will increase gradually.

M for Monetisation

When you complete the process of Content and traffic, then Monetisation comes.

What is Monetization on the website?

Simply monetization is Ads that appear on your content or a blog of the website. Nowadays the best ad provider is Google Adsense. Most of the big bloggers use Google AdSense for their websites.

Google Adsense paste ads on your website on the basis of the niche (Category or topic) of your website. Then you earn revenue from those ads.

Google Adsense is the best ad provider and you also can use it for your website and earn a good amount of money. Also, you can make the best career in the field of blogging by using it.

If you follow these steps, you can get success in blogging definitely.

Affiliate Marketing with Blogging

A lot of people don’t know about affiliate marketing. Don’t worry if you also don’t know about affiliate marketing. I am going to tell you.

As we know there are several E-commerce platforms are available like AMAZON, FlipKart, Meesho, SnapDeal, etc. So, we just need to create an affiliate account on these platforms and pick up any product related to your niche. After choosing a product you will get an affiliate link.

Then you need to suggest that product to your site visitors through that link. And if a person purchases that product from your affiliate link then you will get a commission on that purchase.

This process is called Affiliate Marketing.

Tips to get Success in Blogging

Find your niche

Before starting your career in the blogging field, first, you need to find your niche. Check yourself about which topic you have the proper knowledge of and in which category you have an interest.

Choose the best niche for your website and then create content on it. Try to make the best content so that after reading your blog people will think that they get their solution and they are happy after reading your content.

Trending Topics to start Blogging

  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Traveling
  • Education
  • Product Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Blogging

The target for Blog Post

Before starting blogging, you need to set a target for your blog posts. Like how many blog posts you will publish in a week or a month.

For example, you decide to publish 3 blog posts in a week, then try to give 3 posts in a week from time to time. If you do this, then your users will increase rapidly.

Patience of bloggers

Blogging is not a method of becoming rich in one night. Blogging is a slow process of getting success and earning a good amount of money.

You have to wait first for a few weeks or a month and as your traffic will increase, you will start earning money.

Do this as part-time work in early-stage and if you get success in blogging then you can take it as a primary career option.

Quality Content

The most important thing in blogging is content. If you create better quality content only then users will visit your website and stay for a few minutes.

You have to create content in which people think after reading your blog that yes it is giving value and important information to us.

Your content must be eye-catching also, like if anyone sees your blog post on the internet. So the users should be stuck at your website and read your blog post.

Top Bloggers in India

  • Amit Aggarwal –
  • Harsh Aggarwal –
  • Imranuddin –
  • Amit Bhawani –
  • Pankaj Aggarwal –
  • Rohit Mewada –

All these bloggers earn lakhs of rupees per month from blogging. These are the top bloggers in India. All these bloggers provide good quality and useful content.

You can make a career in blogging by following all these steps and tips. There is no shortcut method to getting long time success in blogging.

You may have to spend some money on the starting journey of your becoming a blogger. Also, you have to do hard work and keep patience.

Just keep doing hard work and have patience, one day definitely you’ll get success.

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