Reality of Bad education system in India

In INDIA, the Education sector is becoming a major concern for us day by day just because of its bad system. Education is the only treasure we have, to develop our country economically and socially. But it can not be possible if the same system and pattern will remain the same. There are so many loopholes in our education system but only some people think about it. So we need to bring our attention to it.

Now we will get to know the “Reality of bad education system in India”. The bad education system in India is ruining our life of youth. That’s why the major part of our youth is unemployed. The government of India needs to take some action for our education system.

Here we discuss some points of our education system

  • Outdated pattern
  • Expensive education
  • Careless education system
  • Bad environment
  • Teaching way
  • Judge the ability of students by grades and marks



First thing, the Outdated pattern is bad in our education system in India and it is the same for everyone. They are just producing robots to work in an organization or factory. They don’t give value to the student’s passion and interest. In our country, people take their children’s passion as a hobby, not a profession and that’s why so many students don’t get success in their life.

We have been taught the same thing again and again. Also, teachers teach the same thing to every student. When on this planet everyone is not the same, then why the same thing same topic, and the same pattern is being taught to every student.

If we take a look at our Education pattern :

• Pre-primary school (pre-nursery to KG)

• Primary school (1st to 5th)

• Secondary school (6th to 10th)

• Higher secondary school (11th & 12th), Streams : Arts/Commerce/science

• College & University (B.A, B.COM, B.SC, / M.A, M.COM, M.SC) and some professional and technical courses like B.TECH, M.TECH, MBBS, B.ED, B.EL.ED, MBA, etc.

In this, we can see the pattern is the same for everyone and there is no option to pursue any passion and hobbies according to us. From start to the last in our studies we always have been taught is “Achha padh likhlo or fir achhi Job lag jayegi”. Our teachers and mentors just put in our mind the only thing and that is “Do study well and get a good job”. Are they producing robots?

Expensive Education

A student when takes admission in a school then it cost around Rs1000 to Rs2000 to his/her parents and with the time to time as student promotes to the higher classes his/her expenses grow. An average household income of a person in India is Rs8000 to Rs15000, Now you can calculate the expenses of a family in India. Expenses like Rent, Food, Travel, Treatment, Plus Children’s education expense.

How can a person manage his family and educate his/her children in these difficult conditions? Without education we all know surviving is not possible, to survive in this fast time we have to educate ourselves and simultaneously our family too.

Now here we come to the Coaching & Institution’s Businesses. Before a few years ago around 10-15 years Coaching and tuition was a great treasure for the student and with the help of it, they achieve very good marks and grades.

But nowadays it becomes a business and every teacher or the owner of any coaching/Institution just think that how they can make more money by manipulating students. They just teach to the students and go, students got what they taught or not they don’t care. Many students just go to the coaching only for time pass not to study and I have seen so many cases and you all know too.

Careless Education System

If we talk about our education management then we must say it is so bad. It is fully careless management, especially in the government school. They don’t know what the thing student needs and what can help them in education. They get paid just for coming to school, Teachers are sitting in the conference room or library or teachers room and talking, laughing, and wasting time without any worry about students course.

Because they already know the government will pay them in a timely. So what they need to do, they can just pass time in schools and go to their home that’s it.

And if we look at our government school’s property/buildings/classrooms it is in the worst condition. After coming to AAP(Aam Admi party), they changed schools’ conditions from worst to good.

At our time color of the walls in classrooms was getting vanished day by day, Window’s glasses were broken and Desks also were broken and less in amount. Fans and lights were not working properly. Outer walls of schools were broken and so many students bunk the school by tapping those walls.

But now the Delhi government has changed the conditions of schools a lot. In other states of India government schools are still in the worst condition. The government needs to look into this matter as soon as possible.

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Bad Environment

As we know in government schools students do study less and play more and fight more it is just because of teachers are careless. They don’t have any pressure on seniors and seniors(principal) are also the same as careless teachers.

There is no discipline and rules in schools. Indian Government has been made a policy in which students from 1st to 10th class would be promoted without any criteria or on the basis of grades and marks.

The government has made this policy just for benefit of students, that is with the help of it they will get passed and start doing study but here all went opposite. Students are taking the wrong advantage of this policy and stopped doing the study. But only some students do study hard and get passed on the basis of their marks. It is just the only cause of their environment of home and the strictness of their parents.

Bad Teaching Way

Teachers come, teach students and go, It is just their job they think. But actually how many students have got what the teacher taught? Only some students got what he taught not the whole class or at least 50% of students.

It is not their fault because teachers are following outdated methods of teaching, Which is so boring and that’s why students get bored, study get pass over the head.

Teachers need to understand the nature and interest of students and according to that, they should teach. After this, all students will be interested in the study and they will learn what the teacher is teaching.

And it depends on the training of teachers, What type of training they are providing to the teachers? What are the things are included in the teacher’s syllabus? Are there any part about students’ nature, interest, passion, and hobbies?

In the teachers’ syllabus, all this stuff should be there. We hope government or our education minister will make some changes.

Judge the ability of students only  on the basis of grades and marks

Here, In India, all students are being judged only on the basis of grades and marks. This is so bad for our future of youth, It kills the dreams of students and makes them feel low. Every student is different and every student has different abilities and capabilities.

Some students are good at some other things and some students are good at different things. So every student can not be judge only on the basis of his/her grades and marks.

For example, One student is very good at painting and 2nd one is very good at dancing. 3rs student is very good in studies and 4th student is very good in acting. 5th student is very good at writing and so on…

So no one can judge every student only on the basis of just a piece of paper (Exam) and grades or marks. 

Now we all need to change our thinking and let our children pursue what they want and in which they have interest.

As we know the world’s first university “Takshila” was made in India. Almost 10,500+ students used to come from different countries to India just to do study.

But now we can see the condition of our education system, What our youth’s future will be we can think. We need to do something for our education sector.

In India, only 1 person has a job and every 3-degree holder is unemployed in the group of 4. Now we can think how many youngsters/degree holders are jobless in India.

It doesn’t mean they’re not capable to do something. As we all know so many geniuses people were born in India. One of the best examples is in front of you “Sundar Pichai” the CEO of GOOGLE.

Now students need help and support. To contribute more, educate more!


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