Top #5 Best Career Options After Class 12th | Best Courses after 12th

After 12th class, Many students have a dream to get a good job and settle as soon as possible. But many students don’t know what best career options after class 12th should choose to get a good job. And they get failed due to improper knowledge and guidance.

Many students only have a knowledge of Law, Medical, Marketing & Engineering’s fields.

So that’s why here in this article we are going to tell you the TOP 5 BEST CAREER OPTIONS AFTER CLASS 12TH.

Are you looking for the best courses after class 12th?

Now you’ll get here the Top 5 best career options (best courses) after class 12th. After completing one of these courses you can get a good job with a high salary. These courses can do any student (Arts, commerce, science).


1) Diploma in foreign language

Students can go for this one and it can be a great career option after class 12th. A diploma in a foreign language is a professional course and students get the highest paying job after completing it.

You can do a diploma in any foreign language which you want. But firstly you should check the demand of the market for tourism and travel or other. If we suggest, you should go for Japanese, Russian, English, French & German, etc.

There are so many Institutes/coaching and companies which provide these language courses. But you have to find it according to your locality.

2) Diploma in teaching

As we all know already, Teaching is the most respectful and reputable profession in our society. Lots of students want to become a teacher. In fact, our parents also want us to become good teachers.

If you go for this option, then it can be great for you and your parents. But the first check, Do you have an interest in study & teaching?

If you have, then only go for a diploma in teaching. Otherwise, look for other career options in which you have an interest.

3) Diploma in designing

If you are a creative person and want to pursue this skill as a profession. Then you can go for a diploma in design and can get the highest paying job easily.

• Options in designing

a) Jewellery designing: In this, you have to design jewellery in different patterns. Rich persons pay a lot to design jewellery in a unique pattern. So it can be a good career option for you.

b) Fashion designing: Here you have to design clothes in different patterns. If you make some amazing designs then you can get a chance to design clothes for celebrities. And can get the highest paying job.

c) Web designing: In web designing, you have to design web pages, websites, and apps. The looks or interface of websites and apps you will design in it.

d) Graphic designing: Here you have to design visual content, magazines, photographs, etc. If you make unique and amazing content, you will get paid a very good amount.

After completing these courses you can do a job or you can also start your own business.

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4) Diploma in Journalism

If you have an interest in NEWS then you can go for this one and make your best career in it. After doing this course you can become a Journalist and get a high salary.

The duration of this course is 1 year.

We all know news making and reporting is an exciting job and many people enjoy while doing this job.

Are you intend to become a Journalist?

If yes, then what are you waiting for? Go and start this course now!

5) Diploma in Nursing

Here it comes, Diploma in Nursing. If you wanted to go in medical line from childhood then this course is for you!

To pursue this course you may have to give an entrance test. In some colleges, there are criteria of merit base and entrance test.

So you might have to go through an entrance test.

After doing this course you can get a good job and can earn easily 10K to 40k per month.

So these are the Top #5 best courses you can do after class 12th and can get a good job easily.


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