Why TikTok got banned in India

As we all know already that TIKTOK got banned in India.

But do we know why?

Why Indian Government has taken this action against TIK TOK ? What are the reasons behind it and why TIKTOK got banned in India?

Here we are going to discuss all these questions and we will tell you why TIK TOK got banned in India.

There are so many video sharing platforms are available on the internet but some are popular. One of them is Tiktok.

Tik Tok is an app and it is so popular among all over the world but mostly in India. It is video sharing platform and people can make and upload only short videos on it. Only 15sec to 1min long videos.

So many girls and boys make videos on Tiktok daily. And also they’re getting popular day by day.

Most of them are 13 to 20 years old boys and girls on Tiktok.

Some of them has been made their full time career on Tiktok. They earn good amount of money also by just making videos on Tiktok.

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People make funny, emotional, dancing, acting, playing, knowledge, Education & Career related videos to entertain us. But some of them also misuse of it.

They record and upload private videos on Tiktok, Which is illegal in India. It’s not enough here they also bully that person and make fun of them.

Reasons why Tiktok got banned in India

Case(1) – A boy got died due to an accident, because he was shooting his video while riding on his bike. That’s why he lost his attention of road and he met with an accident.

Case(2) – A boy has committed suicide in Chennai. Because he made a video of himself wearing ladies clothes and after this his friends harassed him and made fun of him. That’s why he got depressed and committed suicide.

After these critical incidents Madaras high court has requested to the Indian Government to ban TikTok.

Tiktok was promoting “pornography and sexual violence” : Madaras high court.

Then Indian Government ordered to remove TikTok app from Google play store and Apple store.

But some people who have already installed Tiktok on their phone they were sharing with their friends by Share it app.

Some experts also told that It can be download from third party APK websites after removing from Google play store and Apple store.

But still some apps are available like TikTok on the Internet and people are using them.

With this Indian Government has banned almost 267 Chinese apps including PUBG & Tiktok.

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